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My podcast interview with author Ryan C. Thomas is now online!

May 15, 2014


In case you missed it, I recently interviewed the horror/splatter punk author Ryan C. Thomas over at the Drinking with Writers podcast. For an author who spends a great deal of pages writing out vividly terrifying descriptions of death and destruction, I think the above picture of him is a actually an accurate representation of his bright […]

Putin bans cursing in books/films; No one can write “He’s no pussy”

May 7, 2014


As I flaunt my right to write dirty headlines, another country is about to lose theirs. NPR reported today that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law this week that requires books containing obscenities to come in sealed packages with warning labels and that bans cursing in movies and the performing arts. The law is set […]

Matthew Weiner still writing final ‘Mad Men’ episodes

May 1, 2014


NPR featured a good story on Matthew Weiner and the final, (irritatingly) 2-part season of Mad Men. If you ever suspected that little thought when into the show’s plot lines you were right. Weiner already said that he never seriously considered how to end the show until the end of season 4, but as of today he still doesn’t […]

Thoughts of Gone Girl at the midnight hour…and what makes good genre fiction?

February 6, 2013


I am minutes away from passing out, but I have some time to kill before the audio files I recorded for the documentary I’m working on finish uploading to my computer. And so I’m thinking about Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl, and how stoked and hopeful it makes me that Gone Girl is still on the […]

Inspiration in athleticism… and Go Ravens!.

February 3, 2013


This is me today. I grew up never particularly caring for sports. It always seemed like a way to make myself tired and take time away from better things like listening to Nirvana, writing in my journal, and reading Stephen King and later Bret Easton Ellis novels. But I have a far greater appreciation for […]

It’s 1 AM. How are you?

February 3, 2013


It’s 1 am on a Saturday night and I’m writing a fictional character bio for a Generation X parent, tracing his timeline of life events to find potential reason(s) for his murderous tendencies… What are you doing? Holy shit it’s been a while since I blogged last. At least I’m working on new fiction almost […]

When I was in Police Academy…

October 31, 2012


Earlier this year I was in training to become a cop–a Baltimore City “PO-leese,” if you will. No joke. I felt a calling to return to my hometown and put in some civil service; perhaps even earn a living being what I thought could be an intelligent and compassionate police officer who was equal parts […]