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Putin bans cursing in books/films; No one can write “He’s no pussy”

May 7, 2014


As I flaunt my right to write dirty headlines, another country is about to lose theirs. NPR reported today that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law this week that requires books containing obscenities to come in sealed packages with warning labels and that bans cursing in movies and the performing arts. The law is set […]

Matthew Weiner still writing final ‘Mad Men’ episodes

May 1, 2014


NPR featured a good story on Matthew Weiner and the final, (irritatingly) 2-part season of Mad Men. If you ever suspected that little thought when into the show’s plot lines you were right. Weiner already said that he never seriously considered how to end the show until the end of season 4, but as of today he still doesn’t […]

Books you would like if you only knew about them, Part 1: The Time Machine Did It by John Swartzwelder

March 7, 2011


I tend to like stories that get right to the point. This is one of my new favorite examples: “Frank Burly is my name. Okay, it’s not my name. I lied about that. My name is Eward R. Torgenson Jr. I changed it for the business. You’ve got to have a tough sounding name if […]

The comedy of dick-i-ness.

January 17, 2011


Ricky Gervais. God bless him; extraordinarily funny most of the time, something of a dick in those other moments. I only caught part of the Golden Globes last night, but I watched his opening monologue with my roommate this morning. “Why would you hire somebody and get pissed off when they do their job?” he […]

I don’t just play a sound guy on TV.

October 25, 2010


I made my acting debut in a television spot for Superfund banks back in 2008. I was 25 years old and had no idea what I was doing at the time. Living and working in Hollywood was just some strange adventure, and I was saying “yes” to everything that came my way. I was originally […]