My podcast interview with author Ryan C. Thomas is now online!

Posted on May 15, 2014


In case you missed it, I recently interviewed the horror/splatter punk author Ryan C. Thomas over at the Drinking with Writers podcast. For an author who spends a great deal of pages writing out vividly terrifying descriptions of death and destruction, I think the above picture of him is a actually an accurate representation of his bright and lucid personality.

I will do my best to keep the podcast going, regularly interviewing writers of not just literature, but films, poems, journalism, music, and even advertising. Lord knows I have a lot to learn about the craft before I can fulfill my dreams of earning a living from it. I think the idea for the podcast came about when I realized I didn’t need to embark on this journey for knowledge alone (or have to spend thousands of $$$ to attend an MFA program); I hope as many people as possible find the interviews enlightening.

I’m happy with how the first episode came out considering how little experience I have in broadcast journalism, or any journalism for that matter. I wish I asked Ryan to read a few passages from his books, though, and will probably make such a request regular in the future. But all in all I feel the podcast speaks for itself, so I won’t harp on it much here.

If you were curious about the music credits in Episode 1 here they are:

Midiron Blast Shaft – “Dropping Feathers on Your Head” from Starts Fires in Your Pants.

Midiron Blast Shaft – “With a Fine Tooth Combover” from Starts Fires in Your Pants

Gunna Vahm – “Passionate Lady” from Man Hands for Rump Lust.