Writing through the weekend in news

Posted on February 12, 2013


I have no clue how I managed to add roughly 6,000 words to my manuscript over the past few days. Between the Grammy’s, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the return of The Walking Dead, The State of the Union Address, and the ongoing manhunt for Chris Dorner, I managed to sequester myself from nearly all of it. And it feels damn good counting all those new extra pages to what’s shaping up to be my first complete novel. I knew if I didn’t just stick with it (as I will continue to do) I’d lose momentum, and that felt far scarier than missing out on some lively bar conversations and writing a couple dozen timely and witty tweets (all I had were bad Rambo jokes anyway).

[6:23 PM Update]
I removed a video from this post as what I feel are reasonable claims from The San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department came to light explaining its content.

[9:15 PM Update]

Based on further news, I have no clue what to think. Here’s the video again:

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