Inspiration in athleticism… and Go Ravens!.

Posted on February 3, 2013


ImageThis is me today.

I grew up never particularly caring for sports. It always seemed like a way to make myself tired and take time away from better things like listening to Nirvana, writing in my journal, and reading Stephen King and later Bret Easton Ellis novels. But I have a far greater appreciation for athletics now than I ever did; I even have a gym membership and use the elliptical machine sometimes…… jokes aside, I actually write for longer stretches, and in my opinion, more creatively after working out and getting as physical as I can for an hour.

Oddly enough, athletes are inspiring me to write more than anything else lately. I’m currently mixing location sound on a documentary about the Jefferson Democrats, a high school basketball team in Portland, Oregon heading towards the state championship. The job involves a lot of hours listening to the players talk a lot about why they do what they do. The most compelling ones (on and off the court) act as if their wasn’t anything else imaginable. No other activity allows them to feel so free, and the word “try” doesn’t appear to be in their vocabulary. Those also happen to be the best players in the league, and the most thrilling to watch. They make plays I’d never be able to perform in a million years seem effortless.

But the way they talk about and play basketball is how I treated writing at their age. There was nothing else for me. Nothing else I did expressed so well what was going on inside me, and I just did it a lot because it was fun. I feel I have some catching up to do with them now… but after I get inspired watching the Ravens win the Super Bowl.