It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I have writer’s block…

Posted on November 24, 2010


I’ve had writer’s block all month long. Oddly enough, this is the third November in a row where it’s happened. But I’m currently attempting my most serious writing endeavor with my memoir, and I think it has something to do with the tougher questions I have to ask myself for it to be a worthwhile book. Still, I’m finding myself trying to cure it by breaking up my usual routines. I went to a coffee shop near 4th and Main in downtown Los Angeles last night and saw this. It helped a little bit.

Sometimes I have to ask myself why I still live in Los Angeles. It hasn’t been easy by any stretch, even though I love a lot of things about this place. I think a lot of us living in major cities share this feeling, especially around the holidays when it can be difficult to visit our families “back home.” It’s the one time of the year where I tend to feel like an urban orphan, anyway.

The first draft of my book is still about 75% complete in terms of the story I want to tell with it. I’ve been up against a number of challenges that parallel with the period of my life I’ve been writing about. Giving up on the project isn’t an option, but re-assessing and thinking more deeply about certain events feels necessary. I’ll be in L.A. for Thanksgiving, but I’m visiting my original hometown in Baltimore shortly before Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing how my brain functions once I’m there.

It’s National Novel Writing Month–how’s yours coming along?

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